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  • Fantastic Grand Canyon Raft Trip with GCW yvonne1_w640“The side hikes chosen by our guides were fantastic. I was expecting them to be fun but not all that challenging. They were both! Our group was not particularly young but almost everyone went along on every hike and really ... Read more
  • Awesome, Best Trip Ever and Best Birthday Ever! 157025_159000987478227_1946320_n_w640"There were so many wonderful experiences on this trip, I don't know where to begin. Our guides, Matt, Thea, Chris, Mike and Scratchie were amazing and so knowledgeable, so efficient, just remarkable. This was the first time in my life ... Read more
  • This Trip is a Brilliant Fusion of Adventure and Beauty Brock reads river stories to Grand Canyon Whitewater rafters. “Our family enjoyed this trip immensely – the river brought out patience and gratitude and wonder – terrific qualities to make new friends and share the experience. I particularly liked the evening stories.” – Jackie Armstrong, passenger on a late-season oar ... Read more
  • BIG Fun with Grand Canyon Whitewater yvonne_w640"I met tremendously interesting people on both of my trips. I am very grateful for your staff in helping those who needed assistance overcoming personal obstacles to gain some freedom from long-time fears. They did so without showing impatience or ... Read more
  • Fantastic a_gcw_river_guide_points_out_features_of_the_rapid_to_a_passenger__w640"The guides (Julie, Ted and Brock) were fantastic! Caring, attentive, knowledgeable and hard working. I watched them take care of problems for passengers with concern and enthusiasm (and sometimes these problems were pretty trivial). There were many very special times ... Read more
  • A lifetime experience outdoor people should take. bruno3_w640"The scenery and wildlife were unique to this area and so memorable. Big horn sheep, condors, deer and all the other animals were a treat to see in nature. The guides and equipment were great. The resources were efficient with ... Read more
  • Simply amazing. dsc_9410_easy_joseph_concert_in_blacktail_canyon_jpg_people__hike__music_w640"The guides were great, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. You can see the respect for the environment they have and were impressed by how untouched the land looked. I was very nervous about this trip, but the guides and the people ... Read more
  • A long-awaited trip shared with my family and new friends bruno4_w640"I was so awed by the professionalism our relatively young crew displayed daily. They were 'on' at least 14 hours/day yet always willing to engage the passengers' questions and needs. The guides were extremely great, there was a great dynamic ... Read more
  • Great, Fun Vacation bruno_w640"What I thought was great, we hiked every day and if you did not want to go you could stay at camp and relax. The guides made sure you had everything. The guides, Brie, Ted and Jason, were wonderufl They ... Read more
  • A challenging and special time that will be forever remembered and cherished 804f2b266a88f80e50e6168a370ed06e_w480"Very moving tribute to the Canyon as a reading was read as we were on our way to the walk-out point. The guides were very sincere and interacted well with all. This trip was so exceptional and met all of my ... Read more
  • The Vacation of a lifetime, one that will always be remembered! 29d8223fc0a9cd4ba2b215cfdb8c181c_w480"They whole trip was amazing! We had great Guides, a great group of other rafters. It was perfect!" –Pat, Alex, Jennifer and John from Florida Passengers on a 4-day Upper Grand Canyon Whitewater Tour in July 2012 Read more
  • Amazing Whitewater Rafting Trip d815127172c720e6dfed57f11cdfa2fc_w480"Matt, Jason, and Sarah were great river guides. They covered so much ground and they showed us so much. They went slow when we asked them to and fast when we asked them to, it was tons of fun. They ... Read more

You can read more Guest Reviews in our Blog!

Why raft with grand canyon whitewater

6 Reasons to Raft with Grand Canyon Whitewater

1.  Rejuvenate, Play like a kid!

You deserve a vacation. Rafting with GCW will combine excitement with serenity in one of the most peaceful and gorgeous places on Earth.

2.  Experience? We got it!

GCW brings one of the most experienced groups of owners and guides in the Grand Canyon.

3.  We are the Host with the Most!

GCW river guides are a wealth of information not limited to river history, geology, archaeology, wildlife and savory Dutch-oven cooking!

4.  You are in Good Hands.

Our staff knows the fine line between keeping you safe and showing you the Canyon up close and personal.

5.  Re-Connect.

In an increasingly electronic and nature-deficient society, it is a great way to take a few days to reconnect with nature and have some good ol’ fashioned fun with great folks.

6.  Oh, So Many Trips to Choose from!

GCW offers both motorized and oar-powered rafting trips ranging from 4 to 13 days.


Experience the thrill with gcw

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What’s Your “Must-Have” on a Grand Canyon River Trip?

We’ve all got it: that one thing we just cannot live without on a river trip. It might not be on the packing list but, by golly, we’re bringing it. For me, it’s leave-in hair conditioner and a pair of nail clippers. For Evan, it’s a journal or a good book. I’ve never seen Lindsay […]

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We Need Your Help! What Would You Like To See Before Your Trip?

I took my first river trip in the Canyon in 2012. With some very basic camera equipment in hand, I was charged by Grand Canyon Whitewater (GCW) to capture footage and create a promotional video that could be used on their website. The outcome was the video below. Two years later, I found my way […]

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Rafting the Colorado River in its Natural State

Many of our guests want to know when the “best” time is to raft Grand Canyon. Our answer is always the same: It depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to go on a family trip that likely will have other children and teens on it? Do you want to go when the […]

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GCW goes to the GTS

Guess who just got back from a super fun Guides Training Seminar! We did!! Our friends at Hatch River Expeditions host the GTS every year in beautiful Marble Canyon, Ariz. The GTS includes both a 2-day land session (which is open to the public and to office-type folks like Evan and me) and a river […]

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Monsoons demystified and their effect on Rafting Trips

Monsoon season in Arizona is a phenomenon to behold. Monsoons are the storms (or storm season) created by a seasonal wind shift and the resulting precipitation. To Arizonans, the monsoon season is a period between about mid-July to mid-August where we encounter spectacular rainstorms with lots of electrical activity. Given we don’t see rain or storms […]

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