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Why raft with grand canyon whitewater

6 Reasons to Raft with Grand Canyon Whitewater

1.  Rejuvenate, Play like a kid!

You deserve a vacation. Rafting with GCW will combine excitement with serenity in one of the most peaceful and gorgeous places on Earth.

2.  Experience? We got it!

GCW brings one of the most experienced groups of owners and guides in the Grand Canyon.

3.  We are the Host with the Most!

GCW river guides are a wealth of information not limited to river history, geology, archaeology, wildlife and savory Dutch-oven cooking!

4.  You are in Good Hands.

Our staff knows the fine line between keeping you safe and showing you the Canyon up close and personal.

5.  Re-Connect.

In an increasingly electronic and nature-deficient society, it is a great way to take a few days to reconnect with nature and have some good ol’ fashioned fun with great folks.

6.  Oh, So Many Trips to Choose from!

GCW offers both motorized and oar-powered rafting trips ranging from 4 to 13 days.


Experience the thrill with gcw

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Feedback from Gay from Prescott, AZ     Age 65 Passenger on a 5-day Lower Canyon Raft Trip in May 2014 Why did you pick our company?:  The right length of trip which included hiking Was your reservation agent courteous and informative?: Absolutely Was there any additional info you wish you had known before your […]

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Can I Do It Again? Not Just an Item to Cross Off the Bucket List.

Feedback from Kathryn     Boise, ID     Age 53 Passenger on a 7-day Motorized Raft Trip in May 2014 Were the river guides friendly, helpful and concerned about your needs?: Can’t say enough positive yes to this Were the river guides knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge about the canyon?: Yes. Lots […]

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A Truly Memorable Vacation

“Years ago when I was a child, my dad talked about always wanting to go white water rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, which sparked my interest in someday doing it myself.  Unfortunately, my dad never got to experience it firsthand, but there was a gentleman on the trip who reminded me […]

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The Perfect Grand Canyon Experience

“Was there any additional info you wish you had known before your trip?: To suggest the option of walking sticks might be mentioned.  I thought they were VERY helpful! Were the river guides knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge about the canyon?: VERY knowledgeable, and shared LOTS of info! If you could have the […]

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Incredible experience with AWESOME guides!

“The jokes & stories & overall sense of humor of the guides were AWESOME!It made the trip! The experience (rafting & hiking in the Grand Canyon-wow!!!) was incredible, but the guides are what made the trip fun & memorable. Their knowledge & skills were top notch! Joe, Matt & Julie were incredible!!!! Was there any […]

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