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Typical Day Rafting On The Colorado River

Camp along the Colorado River with Grand Canyon Whitewater

Wake up and breathe in the fresh wilderness air, watch the sun dancing on the canyon walls and smell the cowboy coffee. Breakfast is early, but you’ll be ready to start your adventure-filled day. After breakfast, you break down your camp and help load up the rafts. When everything is packed away, we all go rafting on the Colorado River! During the day you have access to your small personal waterproof bag and a community shoe bag, explained and provided at orientation. While there is typically a plan for the day, don’t be alarmed when a plan shifts from plan A to B, maybe C, or even D. Guides will evaluate and change plans throughout the day to give the best of what the Canyon has to offer. Each day brings new beauty and adventure. Truly the best solo or family vacation destination is a Grand Canyon raft trip.

Grand Canyon whitewater rafting lets you experience the Canyon. You “shoot” rapids such as Crystal and Lava Falls, and leisurely “float” over smooth stretches of water. There’s a stop for lunch and your guides prepare a tasty meal. To recharge and energize you throughout the day, guides will have snacks and fruit available on the boat. A typical day usually includes a hike or two up a side canyon. Whether it is from camp or as a stop along the river, the hikes vary in difficulty and terrain. Hikes range from short walks to longer stretches with some scrambling in certain spots. Remember the beauty is in the journey as well as the destination.

As the sun starts to sink behind the canyon walls, you make camp again on a beautiful sandy beach. After the “duffel shuffle,” the unofficial term for unloading the rafts, you have time to make your camp, clean yourself up, and enjoy conversations with your new friends. Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips are incredible for people from all walks of life. The entire group, whether made solely of strangers from across the globe, or long-time groups of friends, will become a tight-knit family. Rafting on the Colorado River is a great place to meet new people. It’s one of the best family vacation destinations to get unplugged from the distractions and electronics of everyday life. In the evening, an amazing Dutch-oven cooked dinner will be served and folks hang around sharing stories and gazing at the sky as the stars begin to sparkle. As your eyes start closing, tired from all the adventure your day included, snuggle into your sleeping bag, catch one last shooting star and let the vastness of the heavens soothe your soul.

Why raft with grand canyon whitewater

6 Reasons to Raft with Grand Canyon Whitewater

1.  Rejuvenate, Play like a kid!

You deserve a vacation. Rafting with GCW will combine excitement with serenity in one of the most peaceful and gorgeous places on Earth.

2.  Experience? We got it!

GCW brings one of the most experienced groups of owners and guides in the Grand Canyon.

3.  We are the Host with the Most!

GCW river guides are a wealth of information not limited to river history, geology, archaeology, wildlife and savory Dutch-oven cooking!

4.  You are in Good Hands.

Our staff knows the fine line between keeping you safe and showing you the Canyon up close and personal.

5.  Re-Connect.

In an increasingly electronic and nature-deficient society, it is a great way to take a few days to reconnect with nature and have some good ol’ fashioned fun with great folks.

6.  Oh, So Many Trips to Choose from!

GCW offers both motorized and oar-powered rafting trips ranging from 4 to 13 days.


Experience the thrill with gcw

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