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Grand Canyon North Rim 0

Grand Canyon’s North Rim

The North Rim of Grand Canyon is somewhat of a hidden gem. With about 1/10th of the tourists who bustle through South Rim, the North side can feel like you’ve got the place to yourself! And at about 1,000 feet higher, the North Rim boasts cooler temperatures all year round. North Rim is not open […]

Map showing the numerous springs within the Grand Canyon 0

Spring into the Grand Canyon

One of the many interesting presentations at the recent Guide Training Seminar in Marble Canyon was one by the Spring Stewardship Institute of the Museum of Northern Arizona. Not only does the Institute provide amazing detail on the springs within the Grand Canyon, but also for springs all across the country. The idea behind the […]

Rate Yourself As A Hiker 0

Rate Yourself as a Hiker

Hiking in Grand Canyon is no easy feat. Hiking from the river to the rim is an even greater challenge. It should not be taken lightly by even the most fit and experienced hikers. It is not uncommon for people to overestimate their physical fitness and ability and grossly underestimate the strenuousness of hiking river […]

Cryptobiotic Soil in Arches National Park 0

Don’t Bust the Crust!

It’s always amazing this time of year when the desert comes alive with color and blooms. An environment so many people think of as ‘dead’ just isn’t. There are tons of plants waiting for their perfect time to bloom and when they do, it’s quite a sight – quite a contrast of color. Some of […]

Grand Canyon Whitewater social site 0

Let’s Get Social

At Grand Canyon Whitewater, we have the ability to create a trip-specific social site; it gives you and fellow guests from your trip the ability to post photos and videos you might have taken while on your whitewater rafting trip.   It also allows you to stay in contact with your fellow adventurers long after […]

Backpackers on an early-morning hike have Bright Angel Trail to themselves. 0

Hiking Etiquette

Chances are, at some point on your Grand Canyon Whitewater trip, you are going to encounter some other adventurers. If you’re hiking in or out of the canyon on one of our Upper or Lower Canyon trips, you’ll undoubtedly pass a lot of other hikers on Bright Angel Trail. And, if you’re doing one of […]

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