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From Richard Louv's book, "Last Child in the Woods." 0

Nature Vs. Nintendo – Nature Deficit Disorder

In the introduction to his award winning book, “Last Child in the Woods,” author Richard Louv remembers the day when his son asked him, “Dad, why was it more fun when you were a kid?” Now I think it is fair to say that most of our parents tend to romanticize parts of their childhood […]

Grant being surprised by cold Colorado RIver water! 0

Boatmen Shenanigans

Dwight, a passenger on a 6-day Upper Canyon Oar Trip in July 2014, sent us this short story of a fun afternoon on the river… “It was a quite cove.  The boatmen and passengers had finished lunch.  While children played in the water, trying to catch fish barehanded, the rest of the passengers watched from […]

Lowell Observatory 0

I’m in Flagstaff … Now What?

So you caught an early flight into Phoenix and now you’re sitting at the Courtyard Marriott in Flagstaff with nothing to do until you leave for your river trip in the morning. Or maybe you flew in a few days early to extend your vacation. Either way, Flagstaff has a lot to offer for the […]

Colorado River Discovery raft in Glen Canyon. 0

Colorado River Discovery in Page, AZ

For many, getting away and taking 7 days off work for a rafting trip just can’t be done. (Of course, we think MAKE IT HAPPEN but…) There are options. One great alternative to a multi-day Grand Canyon raft trip is a half-day smooth water float with Colorado River Discovery. Colorado River Discovery (CRD) allows you […]

Grand Canyon Whitewater passengers relax along the Colorado River. 0


Feedback from Gay from Prescott, AZ     Age 65 Passenger on a 5-day Lower Canyon Raft Trip in May 2014 Why did you pick our company?:  The right length of trip which included hiking Was your reservation agent courteous and informative?: Absolutely Was there any additional info you wish you had known before your […]

Grand Canyon Whitewater rafts de-rigging at Diamond Creek. 0

The Diamond Creek De-Rig.

Grand Canyon Whitewater trips have several different ending points depending on the type and length of trip. One of our common take-out points for both passengers and Oar Rafts is Diamond Creek. Diamond Creek is 225 river miles downstream from the Lees Ferry put-in. Diamond Creek is the first place in those 225 miles where […]

Easy, Brie, Stolf and Brock, River Guides 0

Can I Do It Again? Not Just an Item to Cross Off the Bucket List.

Feedback from Kathryn     Boise, ID     Age 53 Passenger on a 7-day Motorized Raft Trip in May 2014 Were the river guides friendly, helpful and concerned about your needs?: Can’t say enough positive yes to this Were the river guides knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge about the canyon?: Yes. Lots […]

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