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Fishing in the Canyon

Whether you are an amateur or avid fisherman, casting a line out into the mighty Colorado  is quite the fun and enjoyable activity on a river trip.  Here are a few tips and ideas about fishing in the Grand Canyon. -The most important thing is to get a fishing license.  This can be easily purchased online through […]

Grand Canyon Whitewater's Food Room 0

Mountain Dew addiction? Bring your own supply!

Grand Canyon Whitewater provides a good amount of different types of regular and diet soda on the river. Clean drinking water, Gatorade (or similar) powder and lemonade powder are also available all day, every day for rafters. We think we’ve got you covered! However, if there is a certain brand of soda that you cannot […]

Grand Canyon Whitewater Packing List 0

Secret Grand Canyon Packing Tips

I’m packing for an upcoming Colorado River trip and, I gotta say, the itemized packing list we include in our trip info packets is pretty darn good. No matter how many Grand Canyon trips I’ve been on, I still give the packing list a once-over before I head to the river. There are a lot […]

Grand Canyon North Rim 0

Grand Canyon’s North Rim

The North Rim of Grand Canyon is somewhat of a hidden gem. With about 1/10th of the tourists who bustle through South Rim, the North side can feel like you’ve got the place to yourself! And at about 1,000 feet higher, the North Rim boasts cooler temperatures all year round. North Rim is not open […]

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