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It’s the off-season, now what?

The rafting season is officially over and one might be wondering… what does Grand Canyon Whitewater do in the off-season anyway? Well, you might be surprised but the the answer is A LOT! Our rafting operation has two big sections, the warehouse and the office. The main focus for the warehouse in the off-season is […]

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Hike Training Tips

Folks booked on one of our mandatory-hike trips (the Upper and Lower canyon trips, all of which require either a very challenging hike out of Grand Canyon or a very strenuous hike into Grand Canyon) often want to know, specifically, what they should do to train for the hike.  I’ll preface this by saying I […]

The whole GCW/ARR family. 0

End-of-Year Shindig

Well, it’s the end of our 2015 rafting season, and you know what we like to do when all of our trips are safely off the water: Par. Tay.  We held our annual end-of-season party with our sister company, Arizona River Runners, right here in our hometown of Flagstaff this year. We rented the back […]

What Does GCW Provide on the River? 0

What Does GCW Provide on the River?

We send our detailed packing list to guests when they make their rafting reservation and, truthfully, it’s a good list. If you stick to it, we think you should be pretty well prepared for your Grand Canyon river trip. If you don’t see something on the packing list, it means either: A. You probably don’t […]

A GCW boat going through the Lava Falls rapid. 0

Riffle vs. Rapid

When you’re down in the Canyon you’ll most likely hear the guides talking about two types of whitewater: riffles and rapids.  Here is a little explanation of both so you’ll look like a pro when you’re on the mighty Colorado River. A riffle, just like it sounds, is a small bit of turbulence in the […]

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